Poorva Halasana - Preliminary Plough Pose In Yoga, How to do Poorva Halasana - Preliminary Plough Pose In Yoga, Benefits of Poorva Halasana - Preliminary Plough Pose In Yoga, Precautions, & a note for yoga practitioners

Poorva Halasana – Preliminary Plough Pose In Yoga

Poorva Halasana (preliminary plough pose) is an inverted yoga pose. It is a part of the Inverted group of asanas mentioned in the book “Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha” by Swami Satyananda Saraswati. The series focuses on reversing the action of gravity on the body. Instead of everything being pulled towards the feet, the orientation shifts towards the head. Inverted asanas have many amazing benefits including increasing the blood flow to the brain.

How to do Poorva Halasana – Preliminary Plough Pose In Yoga

  • Lie on the back with the legs and feet together.
  • Place the arms close to the body, either with the palms of the hands facing down or with the hands made into fists and placed under the buttocks.
  • This is the starting position.
  • Raise both the legs to the vertical position.
  • The buttocks should rest on the floor or on the fists. Bring the feet towards the head, making a 45 degree angle between the legs and torso.
  • Separate the legs as far as is comfortable and then bring them together again.
  • Slowly lower the legs to the floor, keeping them straight. This is one round. Practice 5 to 10 rounds.

Breathing pattern while doing Poorva Halasana

  • Inhale in the starting position.
  • Retain the breath inside while raising, separating, bringing together and lowering the legs.
  • Exhale after returning to the starting position.

Sequence of doing Poorva Halasana

  • This pose should be followed by a backward bending counterpose such as bhujangasana or shalabhasana.

Benefits of doing Poorva Halasana

  • It stretches the pelvis, regulates the kidneys, activates the intestines and removes excess weight. It is a good preparatory pose before attempting halasana.

Precautions while doing Poorva Halasana

  • This asana should not be practised by those who are old or infirm, suffering from hernia, sciatica or slipped disc.

Inverted Yoga Poses Series

Poorva Halasana - Preliminary Plough Pose In Yoga is a part of the series on inverted yoga poses. Inverted yoga poses fundamentally shift the orientation towards the head instead of the feet. There are 14 yoga poses in this series. These yoga poses are refreshing and revitalizing since they help with better blood circulation. They improve health, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase self­ confidence.

List of all inverted yoga poses

  1. Bhumi Pada Mastakasana – Half Headstand Pose In Yoga
  2. Vipareeta Karani Asana – Inverted Pose In Yoga
  3. Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand Pose In Yoga
  4. Moordhasana – Crown-based Pose In Yoga
  5. Padma Sarvangasana – Shoulder Stand Lotus Pose In Yoga 
  6. Poorva Halasana – Preliminary Plough Pose In Yoga
  7. Druta Halasana – Dynamic Plough Pose In Yoga
  8. Ardha Padma Halasana – Half Lotus Plough Pose In Yoga
  9. Stambhan Asana – Posture Of Retention In Yoga
  10. Sirshasana – Headstand Pose In Yoga
  11. Salamba Sirshasana – Supported Headstand Pose In Yoga
  12. Niralamba Sirshasana – Unsupported Headstand Pose In Yoga
  13. Oordhwa Padmasana – Headstand Lotus Pose In Yoga
  14. Kapali Asana – Forehead Supported Pose In Yoga

We hope you found this article on Poorva Halasana - Preliminary Plough Pose In Yoga helpful. This series is a part of intermediate yoga poses. As a beginner, you can also explore Sun Salutation, Pawanmuktasana series, relaxation postures in Yoga, meditation postures in Yoga. As a yoga practitioner, do read the basics of Yoga.

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