Sushant Kumar
Sushant Kumar

I started practicing yoga a few years back as a way to a healthier life. It has proven to be a blessing ever since. Presently with a multitude of widely marketed practices of Yoga and multiple gurus, the entire discipline has become very confusing.

The World Yoga Forum is an attempt to systemically share the ancient teachings and practices of Yoga and place them in the correct context. It intends to be a platform for Yoga, Meditation enthusiasts, practitioners, trainers, and teachers to share knowledge and experience on Yoga and in the process develop a better understanding. World Yoga Forum’s mission is to promote better living through the wisdom of ancient spiritual knowledge and practices. I’ve spoken at TedX about Yoga and intend to spread the practice further as a way to lead a better life.

World Yoga Forum has been brought to life by contributions from multiple members. Key authors on the World Yoga Forum include Chaitanya, and Neha. If you want to contribute, do email us at hello @worldyogaforum.com

World Yoga Forum has been featured in India’s Top Blogs & Websites on Yoga by Feedspot.

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