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  • The Intersection of Yoga and Modern Medicine

    The Intersection of Yoga and Modern Medicine

    The intersection of yoga and modern medicine is a rapidly growing field, as increasing research suggests that yoga can have a significant impact on physical and mental health. In this chapter, we will explore the current state of research on the benefits of yoga, and discuss how it is being integrated into modern medical practice. […]

  • 5 Daily Yoga Practices For Better Mental Health in 2023

    Key Points Mental health crisis on the rise The importance of sound mental health is now increasingly becoming a part of the popular narrative. Google search trends will reveal a steady rise in searches for Mental health over the last 5 years. There’s almost an 87% growth in searches around mental health on Google in […]

  • 43 Yoga Experiences and reasons for starting Yoga! What’s Your Reason?

    People have practiced Yoga for multiple reasons. There’s an interesting thread from which we’ve compiled the reasons through 43 Yoga experiences of Yoga practitioners as reported by people on a Reddit Yoga forum. The experiences and benefits of doing Yoga range from recovering from PTSD, better mental health, chronic back pain, neck pain, headaches, and […]

  • Does Yoga Actually Help You De-Stress? Here’s What Science Says

    The main goal of Yoga is not about a fit body. The main goal of Yoga is to still the changing states of mind. Most of the modern Yoga practices that we see today have originated in some form or the other from the classical school of Yoga. The foundational text of this school is […]

  • 3 Simple Breathing Exercises To Calm Your Mind For Beginners in Yoga

    One of the key things for beginners is to get regular with a Yoga practice. As a beginner, I struggled to be consistent with my Yoga practice. One of the things that helped me stay regular is taking a few steps, a few asanas at a time. We all tend to have busy schedules and […]

  • Yoga For De-stressing: Ujjayi Pranayama

    Yoga is an effective therapy for managing stress and anxiety. In this post, we’ll discuss one such breathing technique also called Ujjayi Pranayama. It has numerous health benefits including helping manage stress, and at the same time managing blood pressure, and increasing lung capacity. Yoga is increasingly used in clinical settings for a variety of […]