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Crocodile Pose (Makarasana)

Crocodile Pose, also known as Makarasana in Sanskrit, is a gentle yoga pose that is often practiced as a relaxation pose, particularly in between more challenging asanas or as part of a yoga cool-down routine.


English NameCrocodile Pose
Sanskrit NameMakarasana
MeaningIn Sanskrit, “makara” means “crocodile” and “asana” means “pose” or “posture”. The name of the pose comes from the shape that the body takes in this posture, which resembles a crocodile floating in the water.
Base positionLying on stomach
Duration5-10 minutes
Body PartBack
CategoryRelaxation Postures
BenefitsHelps lower back pain, relieves tension in back and shoulders.
Overview of Makarasana (Crocodile Pose)

How to do Crocodile Pose (Makarasana)

  1. Lie flat on the stomach.
  2. Raise the head and shoulders and rest the chin in the palms of the hands with the elbows on the floor.
  3. Keep the elbows together for a more pronounced arch to the spine. 
  4. Separate the elbows slightly to relieve excess pressure on the neck.
  5. In makarasana the effect is felt at two points: the neck and the lower back. If the elbows are too far in front, tension will be felt in the neck; if they are drawn too close to the chest, tension will be felt more in the lower back. 
  6. Adjust the position of the elbows so that these two points are equally balanced. The ideal position is when the whole spine is equally relaxed.
  7. Relax the whole body and close the eyes.
  8. After some time, again become aware of the body and surroundings, and gently and smoothly release the posture.

Breathing pattern: Natural and rhythmic

Benefits of doing Crocodile Pose (Makarasana)

  • This asana is helpful in lower back pain, releases tension.
  • Relieves tension in the back and shoulders
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improves digestion and reduces bloating
  • Promotes deep relaxation and restful sleep