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Advanced yoga poses take your yoga practice to the next level. If you’ve perfected beginner, and intermediate yoga poses, you can explore advanced yoga poses. The advanced poses should not be attempted unless the body is very flexible. The asanas in the beginners and intermediate groups must be mastered before trying to perform any of these postures. It is also strongly recommended to learn these poses in the presence of a trained and experienced yoga trainer/instructor. It is strongly advised to not learn these from watching videos alone. The list of 26 advanced yoga poses, how to do these poses, benefits, and precautions are covered on the World Yoga Forum. These are intended to serve as a manual for you to learn advanced yoga poses. These are not meant as a replacement for trained yoga instructors.

There are many factors to be considered while practicing the advanced asanas making sure not to overstrain the body in any way. 

Advanced Yoga Poses Benefits

  • These asanas are designed to further improve the health of a person who is already very healthy.
  • These asanas strongly affect the energy of the body.
  • The chakras and associated physical, mental, emotional and psychic dimensions of the personality are stimulated and harmonized, contributing to positive transformations in one’s character.

General precautions while doing Advanced Yoga Poses

  • These practices require the limbs and joints to move into unusual positions to which they are not habituated. Any strain may damage them.
  • Gently coaxing the body to perform advanced asanas over a period of time is far better than trying to achieve quick results through force.
  • They are not recommended during pregnancy.
  • Carefully observe the contra­indications given for the individual asanas, and the asanas recommended as preparatory.

Complete List of Advanced Yoga Poses

There following 26 yoga poses are classified as advanced yoga poses.

  1. Poorna Bhujangasana – Full Cobra Pose In Yoga
  2. Koormasana – Tortoise Pose In Yoga
  3. Poorna Shalabhasana – Full Locust Pose In Yoga
  4. Poorna Dhanurasana – Full Bow Pose In Yoga
  5. Dhanurakarshanasana – Archer’s Pose In Yoga
  6. Prishthasana – Back Pose In Yoga
  7. Parighasana – Beam or Cross-bar pose In Yoga
  8. Chakrasana – Wheel Pose In Yoga
  9. Hanumanasana – Hanuman’s Pose In Yoga
  10. Brahmacharyasana – Celibate’s Pose In Yoga
  11. Grivasana – Neck Pose In Yoga
  12. Sirshapada Bhumi Sparshasana – Head And Foot Touching The Ground Pose In Yoga
  13. Poorna Matsyendrasana – Full Spinal Twist Pose In Yoga
  14. Mayurasana – Peacock Pose In Yoga
  15. Padma Mayurasana – Lotus Or Bound Peacock Pose In Yoga
  16. Moolabandhasana – Perineal Contraction Pose In Yoga
  17. Gorakshasana – Yogi Gorakhnath’s Pose In Yoga
  18. Astavakrasana – Eight-twists Pose In Yoga
  19. Vrischikasana – Scorpion Pose In Yoga
  20. Eka Pada Sirasana – One Foot To Head Pose In Yoga
  21. Utthan Eka Pada Sirasana – Standing Foot To Head Pose In Yoga
  22. Dwi Pada Sirasana – Two Feet To Head Pose In Yoga
  23. Dwi Pada Kandharasana – Two-Legged Shoulder Pose In Yoga
  24. Padma Parvatasana – Lotus Mountain Pose In Yoga
  25. Kashyapasana – Sage Kashyapa’s Pose In Yoga
  26. Vishwamitrasana – Sage Vishwamitra’s Pose In Yoga


Advanced Yoga Poses and perfecting them can make you an expert in Yoga asanas. Before attempting advanced yoga poses, it’s important to perfect yoga poses and sequences including Sun Salutation, Pawanmuktasana Series, Padmasana group of asanas, forward bending yoga poses, spinal twisting yoga poses, postures for meditation, inverted yoga poses, and balancing yoga poses.

Be mindful of all the precautions to take while doing these poses to avoid injury. It’s advised to learn these in presence of a trained instructor to make sure you do these properly.