Relaxation Postures In Yoga

Relaxation postures in yoga or yoga poses for relaxation in Yoga are extremely crucial parts of every yoga practice. They should be performed before and after the asana session and at any time when the body becomes tired. This group of asanas is concerned with consciously releasing the tension in all the muscles. You can also explore doing relaxation poses or relaxation asanas independently.

Benefits of Relaxation postures or relaxation asanas

After the body is worked out, stretched and opened, the body has to let go of all the tension. Constant postural abnormalities put excess strain on the muscles of the back and just lying down does not relieve it. This is where poses for relaxation or relaxation asanas come in. These relaxation practices, which are done in the prone position, are very relaxing to the spine and related structures. They are especially recommended for any back/spinal problem.

Precautions while doing Relaxation Asanas or Relaxation Postures

  • Relaxation asanas or relaxation poses can be practiced by almost everyone except in extreme cases.
  • While doing relaxation asanas avoid moving your body to avoid distractions during the practice.

When to practice Relaxation Asanas or Relaxation Postures

  •  These postures can be adopted during any time of the day for any comfortable duration. 
  • They can be combined with relaxing daily activities as well.

List of Relaxation Asanas or Relaxation Postures in Yoga

These are the main relaxation asanas mentioned in the book “Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha” are:

  1. Corpse pose – Shavasana
  2. Reverse corpse pose – Advasana
  3. Superior posture – Jyestikasana
  4. Crocodile pose – Makarasana
  5. Flapping fish pose – Matsya Kridasana

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Relaxation Postures in Yoga
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