Corpse Pose In Yoga - Shavasana, how to do Corpse Pose In Yoga - Shavasana, benefits of Corpse Pose In Yoga - Shavasana, precautions.

Corpse Pose In Yoga – Shavasana

Shavasana (Corpse pose) is the most common relaxation pose practiced after every class, it is mentioned in the ancient hatha yogic texts Hatha Yoga Pradipika and in Gherand Samhita as Mirtasana (death pose). It is the simplest relaxation posture providing the body the rest it needs. 

How to do Corpse Pose In Yoga – Shavasana

  • Lie flat on the back with the arms about 15 cm away from the body, palms facing upward. 
  • A thin pillow or folded cloth may be placed behind the head to prevent discomfort. Let the fingers curl up slightly.
  • Move the feet slightly apart to a comfortable position and close the eyes.
  • The head and spine should be in a straight line.
  • Make sure the head does not fall to one side or the other. Relax the whole body and stop all physical movement. Become aware of the natural breath and allow it to become rhythmic and relaxed.
  • After some time, again become aware of the body and surroundings, and gently and smoothly release the posture.

Breathing pattern while doing Corpse Pose In Yoga – Shavasana

  • Natural and relaxed

Benefits of doing Corpse Pose In Yoga – Shavasana

  • This asana relaxes the whole psycho-physiological system. It should ideally be practised before sleep; before, during and after asana practice, particularly after dynamic exercises such as surya namaskara; and when the practitioner feels physically and mentally tired. It develops body awareness. When the body is completely relaxed, awareness of the mind increases, developing pratyahara.

Practice note while doing Corpse Pose In Yoga – Shavasana

  • Do not move the body at all during the practice as even the slightest movement disturbs the practice.
  • A personal mantra may be repeated with every inhalation and exhalation.
  • For maximum benefit, this technique should be performed after a hard day’s work, before evening activities, or to refresh the body and mind before sitting for meditation, or just before sleep.

Relaxation Postures In Yoga

Relaxation postures or poses for relaxation in Yoga are extremely crucial parts of every yoga practice. They should be performed before and after the asana session and at any time when the body becomes tired. Corpse Pose In Yoga - Shavasana is a part of the relaxation postures in yoga.

List of Relaxation Asanas or Relaxation Postures in Yoga

These are the main relaxation asanas mentioned in the book “Asana Pranayama Mudra Bandha” are:

  1. Corpse pose – Shavasana
  2. Reverse corpse pose – Advasana
  3. Superior posture – Jyestikasana
  4. Crocodile pose – Makarasana
  5. Flapping fish pose – Matsya Kridasana

We hope that through this article you were able to understand how to do the Corpse Pose In Yoga - Shavasana easily, its benefits, and precautions. This pose can be easily done by beginners. To move to a more advanced level, you can explore intermediate level yoga poses.

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Relaxation Postures in Yoga