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The goal of the World Yoga Forum (WYF) is to promote healthier living and inspire people to take up healthier choices and develop healthy habits. WYF intends to create and promote better health & fitness. This is an ongoing document that captures editorial guidelines.

Topics we care about

We care about topics that enable healthier living. These include the following

  • Fitness
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Weight Loss
  • Meditation
  • Breathing/Pranayama
  • Mental Health
  • Workout
  • Celebrity Fitness routines


The publishing principles we follow and the questions we ask ourselves before publishing or writing any piece on WYF include the following

  • Original – Is it new? Are we telling the world something new
  • Inspirational – Does it inspire people to adopt a healthier routine?
  • Informative – Are we providing rich information on a particular topic
  • Aspirational – Does it showcase someone who has set an example of healthy living/fitness

Types of Content

You will generally find the following broad categories of content on WYF

Who can write on WYF?

Almost anyone can write for WYF. If you have something to say and it falls in any of the segments mentioned above, fill out the form below. Your work will be published as long as you haven’t published it elsewhere.

Standard Guidelines on Articles

We encourage authors to follow the below-mentioned set of guidelines.

  • Word Limit: 800 words to 1000 words
  • Appropriate references and sources
  • Accompanying image and a clearly called-out image source
  • Accompanying video (not mandatory)

What is in it for the author?

We don’t pay our authors for writing for us. This is purely a community built out of a passion for good health and better physical and mental well-being. However, you can still derive the following benefits as a registered author

  • Get authorship for all the articles you publish
  • A dedicated author page (eg. Neha on WYF)
  • Promote your practice, and service in the author segment
  • Promote your social media accounts including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you are keen on writing for us, fill out the form below.