• 5 Daily Yoga Practices For Better Mental Health in 2023

    5 Daily Yoga Practices For Better Mental Health in 2023

    Key Points Mental health crisis on the rise The importance of sound mental health is now increasingly becoming a part of the popular narrative. Google search trends will reveal a steady rise in searches for Mental health over the last 5 years. There’s almost an 87% growth in searches around mental health on Google in […]

  • Jay Shetty’s Zen like Routine & Diet is Just What We All Need

    We all have at some point come across Jay Shetty’s podcast videos, and clips. He is the host of a popular podcast. He is famous for translating teachings into practical, actionable techniques to train your mind for calm and purpose every day. In this story, he share his secrets, including his routine, and his diet. […]

  • First Billionaire Supermodel Talks About Being a Mother

    The Brazilian super model Gisele Caroline Bündchen has been one of the highest paid super models since 2001 and is also a billionaire. Almost 20 years back at the peak of her career, when everything was alright she discovered a tool that has helped her immensely after becoming a mother. She has revealed in a […]