Veerasana - Hero’s Pose In Yoga, how to do Veerasana - Hero’s Pose In Yoga, variations of Veerasana - Hero’s Pose In Yoga, benefits of Veerasana - Hero’s Pose In Yoga, and precautions.

Veerasana – Hero’s Pose In Yoga

Veerasana in yoga also known as hero’s pose is a beginners group pose and is a part of the Vajrasana group of asanas. It is also mentioned in the ancient Hath Yogic textbooks like “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” and “Gheranda Samhita”. It is very beneficial for the reproductive as well as digestive organs and is also reasonably easy to perform. In this article, we’ll discuss how to do Veerasana, the benefits of Veerasana, breathing pattern while doing Veerasana, its various variants, precautions and a note for yoga practitioners.

How to do Veerasana – Hero’s Pose In Yoga

  • Sit in vajrasana.
  • Raise the right knee and place the right foot flat on the floor beside the inside of the left knee.
  • Put the right elbow on the right knee and rest the chin on the palm of the right hand.
  • Rest the left pahn on the left knee.
  • Close the eyes and relax.
  • Keep the body completely motionless and the spine and head straight.
  • Hold for some time, then release the pose and relax the knees.
  • Repeat with the left foot placed beside the right knee.

Breathing pattern while doing Veerasana – Hero’s Pose In Yoga

Slow, deep breathing, feeling that the energy synchronized with the breath is flowing in and out of bhrumadhya, the eyebrow centre.

Benefits of doing Veerasana – Hero’s Pose In Yoga

  • This asana balances the mind, increases the power of concentration, allows more awareness of the uncon­scious realms and induces physical and mental relaxation quickly. 
  • The thinking process becomes very clear and precise.
  •  It is useful for those who think too much or who have disturbed or uncontrollable thoughts. It is very good for the kidneys, liver, reproductive and abdominal organs.
  • This is a preliminary balancing pose which aids in stabilizing the nervous system.

Variation I : 

  • This asana may also be practised by sitting on the heel so that it stimulates mooladhara chakra.

Variation 2 : 

  • Sit on the heels in vajrasana.
  • Place the right foot on top of the left thigh as in the half lotus posture. The foot should come up on the thigh as near to the lower abdomen as is comfortable, and the right knee should rest on the floor.
  • Relax the whole body.
  • Slowly rise onto the knees, using the hands and left leg as levers and the right knee as a support.
  • The movement should be controlled without any jerking. Place the palms together in front of the chest at the heart centre in the prayer position.
  • Straighten the spine.
  • When balanced, raise the hands above the head, keeping the palms together and the fingers pointing upward. Hold the final position for as long as is comfortable. Bring the hands back to the heart centre, feel the balance, then gently and evenly lower the body down to the floor. Repeat with the left foot on top of the right thigh. Practise up to 3 times on each side.

Breathing pattern while doing Veerasana – Hero’s Pose In Yoga

  •  Inhale while raising the body from the floor. Breathe normally in the final position.
  • Exhale while lowering the body.

Precautions of doing Veerasana – Hero’s Pose In Yoga

  • Variation 2 should not be performed by people with weakness in the knees or inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, osteoarthritis, etc.

Vajrasana Group of Asanas

Veerasana - Hero’s Pose In Yoga is a part of the Vajrasana Group of Asanas. The vajra or thunderbolt is said to be the weapon of Indra, king of the devas or gods, just as the mind is the king of all the senses. Vajra is also the major nadi directly connected with the genito-urinary system, which regulates the sexual energy in the body.

The following are the 16 poses in the Vajrasana group of asanas.

  1. Vajrasana – Thunderbolt Pose In Yoga
  2. Ananda Madirasana – Intoxicating Bliss Pose In Yoga
  3. Padadhirasana – Breath Balancing Pose In Yoga
  4. Bhadrasana – Gracious Pose In Yoga
  5. Simhasana – Lion Pose In Yoga
  6. Simhagarjanasana – Roaring Lion Pose In Yoga
  7. Veerasana – Hero’s Pose In Yoga
  8. Marjariasana – Cat Stretch Pose In Yoga
  9. Vyaghrasana – Tiger Pose In Yoga
  10. Shashankasana – Pose of Moon In Yoga
  11. Shashank Bhujangasana – Striking Cobra Pose
  12. Naman Pranamasana – Prostration Pose In Yoga
  13. Ashwa Sanchalasana – Equestrian Pose In Yoga
  14. Ardha Ushtrasana – Half Camel Pose In Yoga
  15. Ushtrasana – Camel Pose In Yoga
  16. Supta Vajrasana – Sleeping Thunderbolt Pose In Yoga

This is meant to help all beginners in yoga with Veerasana - Hero’s Pose In Yoga. We hope you found this article on Veerasana - Hero’s Pose In Yoga useful. It is meant to explain how to do the Veerasana - Hero’s Pose In Yoga easily, its benefits, and precautions.

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