Tadagi Mudra (Barrelled Abdomen Technique)

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Tadagi Mudra - Barrelled Abdomen Technique In Yoga, How to do Tadagi Mudra - Barrelled Abdomen Technique In Yoga, Benefits of Tadagi Mudra - Barrelled Abdomen Technique In Yoga, Precautions, & a note for yoga practitioners

How to do Tadagi Mudra (Barrelled Abdomen Technique) | Duration | Awareness | Precautions | Benefits | Practice note

Tadagi Mudra (barrelled abdomen technique) is a kaya mudra (postural mudras)

How to do Tadagi Mudra (Barrelled Abdomen Technique)

  • Sit with the legs stretched out in front of the body and the feet slightly apart. The legs should remain straight throughout the practice. Place the hands on the knees, keeping the head and spine straight.
  • Close the eyes and relax the whole body, especially the abdominal area.
  • Lean forward and grasp the big toes with the thumbs, index and second fingers. Keep the head facing forward. Inhale slowly and deeply, expanding the abdominal muscles to their fullest extent.
  • Retain the breath inside for a comfortable length of time without straining the lungs in any way.
  • Exhale slowly and deeply while relaxing the abdomen.
  • Maintain the hold on the the toes.
  • Repeat the breathing up to 1 0 times.
  • Then release the toes and return to the starting position.
  • This is one round.

Duration of doing Tadagi Mudra (Barrelled Abdomen Technique)

  • Practise 3 to 5 rounds


  • Physical – on the abdomen
  • Spiritual – on manipura chakra.

Precautions while doing  Tadagi Mudra – Barrelled Abdomen Technique  

  • Pregnant women and those suffering from hernia or prolapse should avoid this practice.

Tadagi Mudra Benefits

Tadagi Mudra Benefits including the following

  1. Tadagi mudra relieves tension stored in the diaphragm and pelvic floor,
  2. Tones the abdominal organs and stimulates blood circulation to these areas.
  3. The nerve plexuses in the visceral area are stimulated and toned
  4. Bending forward and extending the stomach stretches the diaphragm and pelvic floor, and creates pressure through­ out the trunk of the body.
  5. Stimulates manipura chakra, the centre of energy distribution, and raises the level of prana generally.

Practice note

  • Release the hold on the toes between breaths if the position becomes uncomfortable.
  • The word tadagi literally means ‘water pot’, which resembles the shape of the extended abdomen.

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