Meghan Markle’s Simple Secret To Clearing Her Head

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Stress is no stranger to us and it is no stranger to Meghan Markle. She is an inspiration to many across the world. You may love her or might even dislike her, but she’s faced a lot of challenges in her life head-on. Stress and tension can creep in to our lives quite quickly. It can lead to things like binge eating, alcohol abuse and its a downward spiral from there on.

Meghan is an icon. We all love her and admire her fitness, and yes the fabulous skin that she has.

Meghan Markle is no stranger to challenges. Her professional success and the competitive field of entertainment that she’s in would’ve made her encounter tougher challenges. The Duchess of Sussex has navigated many struggles and challenges in life successfully. Her simple secret to clearing the head is something we can also do a bit of in our lives.

Clearing Her Head

One of the things she said in an interview was to jog and run. It has helped her clear her head. Running is a great way to actually not just be in great shape and burn those extra calories, but also have good mental well-being. This has been studied by many researchers. Physical activity positively affects cognitive areas of the brain and helps lower the anxiety and depression levels. Exercise improves one’s mood and supports emotional progress. Running leads to higher oxytocin levels in the body. Oxytocin is also known as the “love hormone”. She also does a lot of Hot Yoga and Pilates. The great part about her routine is that she does it all on her own without a trainer. She watches DVDs.

One of the secrets of Meghan Markle is being self-motivated. She says, it’s half the battle.

Nutrition & Being a Foodie

Among some of the other things that she does to stay fit and maintain an amazing shape include staying hydrated, and having a green juice/smoothie instead of a coffee to give her an extra boost of energy while she is working. Meghan Markle has gone through the clean cleanse program and eating really good during the week. She does splurge on weekends. She loves Italian food. The great part if that she cooks a lot. She thinks that if you deprive yourself of something, you’ll just crave it more. On the weekdays she avoids eating anything that makes her sluggish. However alls bets are off on weekends. She loves her burger, and fries.

Great Skin

On tips for having a great skin, she recommends hydrating yourself. She stresses on that a lot. She does have an amazing skin. She also uses coconut oil.

Being in Shape Means Being Kind To Yourself

Being in shape for Meghan Markle means being kind to yourself. It means feeling confident, being as healthy as you can, and owning whatever you have and being kind to yourself. She says that it’s important to own whatever you have, and it’s ok that if you are a little bit up this day or down, it’s important to own wherever you are.

When you couple this mindset with a dose of physical activity like running or jogging or pilates, hot yoga and balanced nutrition means a clear head that can avoid the challenges of life.

We love you Meghan!

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