Check Your Well-being Score with the WHO-5 Well-being Index

wellbeing WHO-5 index

We’ve launched the well-being calculator on the World Yoga Forum, where you can measure your well-being through the WHO-5 wellbeing index.

The WHO-5 was originally presented at a WHO meeting in Stockholm in February 1998 as part of a project on the measurement of well-being in primary health care patients1. The WHO-5 Well-being Index has been used in a variety of areas along with research studies. The clinical validity of the WHO-5 has been evaluated to be very high as the scale can be used irrespective of underlying illness (or lack of illness) and across many different settings1. The WHO-5 is a short questionnaire consisting of 5 simple and non-invasive questions, which tap into the subjective well-being of the respondents. The scale has adequate validity both as a screening tool for depression and as an outcome measure in clinical trials and has been applied successfully across a wide range of study fields.

Topp, C. W., Østergaard, S. D., Søndergaard, S., & Bech, P. (2015). The WHO-5 Well-Being Index: A Systematic Review of the Literature. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics84(3), 167–176.

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