5 Yoga Postures for Relaxation

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In most yoga sequences, you’ll find yoga postures, which help the body relax. These generally are at the start of the sequence, after intense yoga poses, and at the end of the sequence. They are also done generally before you begin meditation to help the body relax.

After the body is worked out, stretched and opened, the body has to let go of all the tension. Constant postural abnormalities put excess strain on the muscles of the back and just lying down does not relieve it. This is where poses for relaxation or relaxation asanas come in. These relaxation practices, which are done in the prone position, are very relaxing to the spine and related structures. They are especially recommended for any back/spinal problem.

In this article we’ll share the list of 5 yoga postures for relaxation.

1. Corpse Pose (Shavasana)

Corpse Pose In Yoga – Shavasana

2. Reverse Corpse Pose (Advasana)

Reversed Corpse Pose In Yoga – Advasana

3. Superior posture (Jyestikasana)

Superior Posture In Yoga – Jyestikasana

4. Crocodile pose – Makarasana

Crocodile Pose In Yoga – Makarasana

5. Flapping fish pose – Matsya Kridasana

Matsya Kridasana – Flapping Fish Pose In Yoga

Read in detail about all Yoga postures for relaxation.

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