Vyaghrasana - Tiger Pose In Yoga, how to do the Vyaghrasana - Tiger Pose In Yoga, benefits of Vyaghrasana - Tiger Pose In Yoga, breathing pattern while doing Vyaghrasana - Tiger Pose In Yoga, precautions and notes for yoga practitioners.

Vyaghrasana – Tiger Pose In Yoga

Vyaghrasana in yoga is also known as the tiger pose. It is a beginners group pose and is a part of the Vajrasana group of asanas. It is also mentioned in the ancient Hath Yogic textbooks like “Hatha Yoga Pradipika” and “Gheranda Samhita”. It is very beneficial for the reproductive as well as digestive organs and is also reasonably easy to perform. In this article, we’ll discuss how to do Vyaghrasana, the benefits of Vyaghrasana, breathing patterns while doing Vyaghrasana, its various variants, precautions, and a note for yoga practitioners.

How to do Vyaghrasana – Tiger Pose In Yoga

  • Assume the starting position for marjariasana and look forward.
  • Relax the whole body.
  • Arching the back downwards, straightening the right leg, stretching it up and back.
  • Bend the right knee.
  • Look up and bring the toes towards the back of the head. Hold the breath for a few seconds in this position. Straighten the right leg, bend the knee and swing the leg under the hips.
  • Simultaneously, arch the back up and bend the head down, bringing the knee towards the nose.
  • The right foot should not touch the floor.
  • The thigh presses against the chest.
  • Hold for a few seconds while retaining the breath outside. Move the foot straight back and again stretch the leg. Bend the knee and continue with the slow swinging movements.
  • After practising on one side, relax in marjari-asana. Repeat with the other leg.

Breathing pattern while doing Vyaghrasana – Tiger Pose In Yoga

Breathing pattern is a critical part of yoga. The following breathing pattern is recommended while you are doing Vyaghrasana.

  • Inhale while stretching the leg backward. 
  • Retain in the final position.
  • Exhale while swinging the knee to the chest.

Benefits of doing Vyaghrasana – Tiger Pose In Yoga

Vyaghrasana has the following benefits for the body.

  • This asana exercises and loosens the back by bending it alternately in both directions and tones the spinal nerves. 
  • It relaxes the sciatic nerves, relieving sciatica, and loosens up the legs and hip joints. 
  • It tones the female reproductive organs and is especially beneficial for women after childbirth and those who have given birth to many children. 
  • It stretches the abdominal muscles, promotes digestion and stimulates blood circulation. Weight is reduced from the hips and thighs.

Note: This asana is called tiger pose because it emulates the stretching movement made by a tiger.

Vajrasana Group of Asanas

Vyaghrasana - Tiger Pose In Yoga is a part of the Vajrasana Group of Asanas. The vajra or thunderbolt is said to be the weapon of Indra, king of the devas or gods, just as the mind is the king of all the senses. Vajra is also the major nadi directly connected with the genito-urinary system, which regulates the sexual energy in the body.

The following are the 16 poses in the Vajrasana group of asanas.

  1. Vajrasana – Thunderbolt Pose In Yoga
  2. Ananda Madirasana – Intoxicating Bliss Pose In Yoga
  3. Padadhirasana – Breath Balancing Pose In Yoga
  4. Bhadrasana – Gracious Pose In Yoga
  5. Simhasana – Lion Pose In Yoga
  6. Simhagarjanasana – Roaring Lion Pose In Yoga
  7. Veerasana – Hero’s Pose In Yoga
  8. Marjariasana – Cat Stretch Pose In Yoga
  9. Vyaghrasana – Tiger Pose In Yoga
  10. Shashankasana – Pose of Moon In Yoga
  11. Shashank Bhujangasana – Striking Cobra Pose
  12. Naman Pranamasana – Prostration Pose In Yoga
  13. Ashwa Sanchalasana – Equestrian Pose In Yoga
  14. Ardha Ushtrasana – Half Camel Pose In Yoga
  15. Ushtrasana – Camel Pose In Yoga
  16. Supta Vajrasana – Sleeping Thunderbolt Pose In Yoga

This is meant to help all beginners in yoga with Vyaghrasana - Tiger Pose In Yoga. We hope you found this article on Vyaghrasana - Tiger Pose In Yoga useful. It is meant to explain how to do the Vyaghrasana - Tiger Pose In Yoga easily, its benefits, and precautions.

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