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Leg Rotation in Yoga - Pada Chakrasana, how to do Leg Rotation in Yoga - Pada Chakrasana, benefits of Leg Rotation in Yoga - Pada Chakrasana, and precautions.
Leg Rotation – Pada Chakrasana

Leg Rotation Pada Chakrasana in Sanskrit) is a yoga posture that involves rotating the legs in a circular motion. This posture is a great way to increase flexibility and mobility in the hips and legs, while also improving balance and coordination.


English NameLeg Rotation Pose in Yoga
Sanskrit NamePada Chakrasana
Hindiपाद चक्रासन
MeaningPada Chakrasana is a Sanskrit term in which “Pada” means “foot” and “Chakra” means “wheel” or “circle”, and “Asana” means “pose” or “posture”. It means moving the foot in a circle.
Base positionLying down
Repetitions10 for each leg
Body PartHips, Legs
CategoryPawanmuktasana series 2
Category (English)Digestive And Abdominal Poses
BenefitsIncreases mobility in the hips, improves balance
Leg Rotation (Pada Chakrasana) – overview

Leg Rotation in Yoga (Pada Chakrasana) Steps

Stage I

  • Lie in the starting position and relax.
  • Raise the right leg 5 cm from the ground, keeping the knee straight.
  • Rotate the entire leg clockwise 10 times in as large a circle as comfortable.
  • The heel should not touch the floor at any time during the rotation.
  • Rotate 10 times anti-clockwise.
  • Repeat with the left leg, first clockwise, then anti-clockwise.
  • Do not strain.
  • Rest and practise abdominal breathing until the respiration returns to normal.

Stage 2: This may be repeated raising both legs together, but do not strain. Be aware that this is a more strenuous practice.

  • Keep the legs together and straight throughout the practice.
  • Rotate both legs clockwise and then anti-clockwise 3 to 5 times.
  • The circular movement should be as large as possible.

Breathing pattern while doing Leg Rotation in Yoga – Pada Chakrasana

  • Inhale while moving the leg(s) upwards.
  • Exhale while lowering the leg(s).

Awareness: On the rotation of the leg(s), the effects of the asana on the hips and abdomen, and synchronizing the movements with the breath.

Benefits of doing Leg Rotation in Yoga – Pada Chakrasana

The Pada Chakrasana is good for the hip joints, obesity, toning of the abdominal and spinal muscles.

  1. Improves balance and coordination: The circular movement of the legs requires balance and coordination, which can be improved with regular practice. Pada Chakrasana’s regular practice improves flexibility and mobility and subsequently helps improve the overall balance.
  2. Increases circulation: The movement of the legs helps to increase blood flow and circulation.
  3. Reduces stiffness and tension: This posture can help to release tension and stiffness in the hips and legs, improving overall flexibility and mobility. This is especially useful for people who sit for long periods of
  4. Enhances focus and concentration: Practicing Pada Chakrasana requires focus and concentration, which can help to improve mental clarity and focus.

Precautions while doing Leg Rotation in Yoga – Pada Chakrasana

Leg rotation in yoga also known as pada chakrasana are not to be performed by persons suffering from high blood pressure or serious back conditions such as sciatica and slipped disc.

Pada Chakrasana Steps