Abdominal Stretch Pose (Udarakarshanasana) – Power of Abdominal Stretch

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Abdominal Stretch Pose In Yoga - Udarakarshanasana, How to do Abdominal Stretch Pose In Yoga - Udarakarshanasana, Benefits of Abdominal Stretch Pose In Yoga - Udarakarshanasana, Precautions.
Abdominal Stretch Pose (Udarakarshanasana)

Udarakarshanasana, also known as Abdominal Stretch Pose, is a yoga posture that can help to stretch and tone the abdominal muscles, while also improving spinal flexibility and promoting relaxation in the body and mind.


English NameAbdominal Stretch Pose (Udarakarshanasana)
Sanskrit NameUdarakarshanasana
MeaningUdarakarshanasana is a yoga posture whose name is derived from two Sanskrit words, “udara” meaning “abdomen” and “karshana” meaning “stretching” or “pulling”.
Base positionSquatting position
Repetitions5-10 rounds.
Body PartAbdomen
CategoryPawanmuktasana Series 3
Category (English)Energy Block poses
BenefitsImproves digestion, tones abdominal muscles. It’s a great pose for relieving constipation.
Abdominal Stretch Pose (Udarakarshanasana) – Overview

How to do Udarakarshanasana (Abdominal Stretch pose)

  1. Squat with the feet apart and the hands on the knees. Inhale deeply.
  2. Exhale, bringing the right knee to the floor near the left foot.
  3. Using the left hand as a lever, push the left knee towards the right, simultaneously twisting to the left.
  4. Keep the inside of the right foot on the floor.
  5. Try to squeeze the lower abdomen with the combined pressure of both thighs.
  6. Look over the left shoulder.
  7. Hold the breath out for 3 to 5 seconds in the final position. Inhale when returning to the starting position.
  8. Repeat on the other side of the body to complete one round.
  9. Practice 5 to 10 rounds.

Benefits of Udarakarshanasana (Abdominal Stretch pose)

  1. Improves digestion: Udarakarshanasana involves stretching the abdominal muscles, which can help to stimulate the digestive system and improve overall digestion.
  2. Tones the abdominal muscles: As you stretch the abdominal muscles in this posture, you engage and strengthen the muscles, helping to tone the abdominal region. This pose is very useful for abdominal ailments because it alternately compresses and stretches the organs and muscles of this region.
  3. Relieves constipation: By stimulating the digestive system and improving digestion, it can also help to relieve constipation and other digestive issues.
  4. Relieves tension in the lower back: This posture also involves stretching the lower back, which can help to relieve tension and pain in the region.
  5. Improves spinal flexibility: By stretching the abdominal and back muscles, Udarakarshanasana can also help to improve spinal flexibility and overall mobility.

Precautions: Udarakarshanasana should be avoided if you have a knee problems or sciatica.

Practice note

  • This is one of the asanas practiced in Shankha Prakshalana Kriya
  • Take care not to overstretch the back as the body begins to feel lighter and more flexible.