Ronaldo’s Shares 5 Super Simple Fitness Secrets

Cristiano Ronaldo Fitness and Motivation
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Ronaldo is at the apex of fitness. He has over 50% muscle mass, and less than 7% body fat. He’s above most other players who are playing football or have played the sport. If you are also inspired by his fitness, body, and success, here are a few tips by Ronaldo.

1. Eats Multiple Meals in a Day

Ronaldo eats several times in a day. He says this helps maintain energy for each fitness session. He has small meals multiple time, which include a lot of protein and whole carbs. The small meals help him stay energetic and give him enough energy for his work-out routine.

2. Sleep

Ronaldo pays a lot of attention to rest and recovery. This includes getting proper rest, and a proper sleep. Numerous scientific studies also have pointed to the role of a good sleep in maintaining not just physical fitness but also mental fitness. It ensures body has enough time to refresh and rejuvenate itself. Ge goes to bed early and wakes up early. In fact before a game, he take a hot bath to relax his muscles. According to him, sleep helps his muscles recover.

3. Strict Diet, No Alcohol

Ronaldo says he follows a strict diet and does not have any alcohol. He also stays clear of sugary drinks and sodas. His work-out is beautifully complimented by a good diet. He has a lot of fruits and vegetables. For those hitting the gym on a regular basis, he says it’s important to ensure you give your body the right fuel through a good diet. Ronaldo however is a fan of coffee and fresh juices. To stay hydrated, he drinks energy drinks, which have vitamins, and, carbohydrates.

4. Cardio

Ronaldo does a lot of cardio. He uses a lot of machines especially to strengthen his quads. This also includes swimming and rowing. His work-out routine is very intense and that has helped him develop a strong muscled body. Cradio is an essential part of his workout.

5. Sprinting

Ronaldo does a lot of sprinting drills during the training adding that it can be incorporated in to your workout. He also recommends activities such as bicycling is something that can be added in your work-out.He says whether you are in the gym or outdoors, make sure you add it to every workout.

We hope you found these tips from on of the champions of fitness – Cristiano Ronaldo! Do share your experiences in the comments below.

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