RONALDO has ONE ADVICE FOR YOU – It will Change You forever

Cristiano Ronaldo & Motivation

Ronaldo, a Portuguese & global icon, does everything in his power to set himself apart from the competition. What really separates him from the crowd and sets an example to young athletes all over the world is his “ambition” and “passion” to be the best, which is what makes his achievements, training, and fitness in life so fascinating.

His willpower – “You have to work”. He tries to do it almost every day. This is why he is in the top level for many, many years.

His Journey Towards Improved Skill & Speed With The Ball

When he was 12 years old, most people told him, Cristiano you are a very good talent player, but you are very skinny, very slim. This line hit him, and he put this line in his mind & body that we can improve, we can improve, we go to the gym, dedication & hard work, we can improve. So, he improved himself. This improvement leads to him spending a lot of time and hard work on improving his technique & his speed with the ball.

secret to dribbling success & ethic of work

Ronaldo on dribbling: “I always say it’s all package.” According to him, his talent helps him a lot. Also, the work ethic he had to adopt when he joined the professional to always be the best, to train hard, and to listen to experienced players led him to achieve his dream. He turned pro, played for the best clubs in the world, and won titles to get his best success. He says this isn’t from the sky. But his dedication, hard work, and creativity as humans.

To Be best in comparison zones

When Ronaldo questioned him – “Who makes you the best? You?” His motivational reply was – “the best players follow the best. They want to win since they’re the ones who can pass you if you rest or sleep. We fight with Neymar, Messi, Lewandowski, Higuain, and the world’s best players. Not fighting, but hard and healthy. We fight to be the best in comparison zones. To be better than them is my main goal and motivation.

Mentality is greatest value

He values mentality most. According to Ronaldo, “Be professional, help the team. Have the appropriate mentality, and be cheerful. Because all think it’s all up to you how things go. Nobody depends on you—not coaches, supporters, or the press. If you have pride and dignity, do it more.” Like from the start Ronaldo attempted to do even different things and better things to help- New Year, new page. He also stated “If I give you advice, even if you are younger than me, and if you’re not, an implant that during your daily life will be difficult. You can speak all day with that person. If he’s not coming from inside of you, it’s impossible.

rivals don’t exist

On one question: “Is there anything that Lionel Messi is better than you? Just opinions.” He answered: I respect the opinions. Maybe in your opinion, Messi is better than me, but in my mind, I’m better than him. According to Ronaldo, rivals don’t exist. It’s just a game. Rivals are in a war, rivals in football. The numbers say everything.

His journey and attitude can really change anyone’s life.

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