Miranda Kerr’s – 3 Pregnancy Fitness and Diet Secrets

Miranda kerr Pregnancy fitness routine and diet

Miranda Kerr needs no introduction. She has been a Victoria’s secret model and is now a successful business woman with interests in multiple ventures. She’s a mother to 3 children – 2 from her marriage to Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel and 1 from her marriage to actor Orlando Bloom.

Her success has been mind boggling. She’s one of the world’s richest super model from being a little country girl. The girl next girl from Australia became hooked up with world’s biggest sexy lingerie company – Victoria’s Secret. She got massive exposure by being Victoria’s secret angel, but her sustained success has not been seen by other models.

Her fitness, figure, and overall agelessness is an inspiration for many women. In this story, we bring to you the routine that was followed by Miranda Kerr during her pregnancy. Thee can help all you expecting moms out there too.

Nutrition and Diet

Her pregnancy fitness secrets included having a grape fruit in the morning especially to get rid of the nausea. She has an avocado toast on a gluten free bread and she uses Ghee instead of butter. It’s better for you according to her. Ghee has multitude of benefits including giving you essential good fats. She sometimes put a little bit of olive oil.

Kundalini Yoga by Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr practiced Kundalini Yoga, which not only had Yoga poses or asanas, but breath, mantra, and relaxation. It sometime she says can be challenging with all the repetition. It has taught her endurance and stamina. According to her it’s mind over matter. She says that the mind is one of the most powerful tools and through Kundalini Yoga you can take control of your mind. It is expansive.

She did cat-cow, and downward Yoga. For her pre-natal Yoga also meant doing what you felt was right for you in the moment. There is a point where you need to stop doing downward dog pose.

Goat Milk

Grocery shopping was her favorite past-time especially buying citrus fruits, avocado, shopping for almonds. Her favorite part was discovering something new whenever she came to a super market. She had a lot of Goat milk, free range organic fresh farm eggs, and organic chocolate.

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