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Yoga For PCOS

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a collection of symptoms found in women during their reproductive age. It’s a disorder of the endocrine system.

The symptoms of PCOS widely vary, hence it is a syndrome and not a disease. It is due to the variety of symptoms that we find it very difficult to diagnose it.

Symptoms of PCOS

Yoga Can Help Manage PCOS

Yoga is one of the best habits to add to your lifestyle. Since PCOS is a lifestyle disorder embedded in unhealthy habits, it is very important to make changes in lifestyle that work on the root causes. Yoga is especially recommended because unlike other physical exercises, it has a very holistic approach that focuses on all aspects of our health including coping with stress, restoring hormonal balance, and betterment of body functioning, helping us get back to not just a fit but a healthy body.

Churning the mill Pose for PCOS

Pose of the moon for PCOS 

Cat and Cow Pose for PCOS 

Camel Pose for PCOS 

Bow Pose for PCOS 

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