Padmasana Basics

Padmasana also known as the  lotus pose in Yoga is a meditation pose

Finds mention in the ancient text books like “Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Padmasana can seem a bit difficult for beginners.

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It helps the mind become calm and gives a firm foundation for concentration

There are 8 Yoga poses in the Padamasana group of Yoga poses


1. Yogamudrasana – Psychic Union Pose In Yoga 2. Matsyasana – Fish Pose In Yoga 3. Gupta Padmasana – Hidden Lotus Pose In Yoga 4. Baddha Padmasana – Locked Lotus Pose In Yoga

1. Yogamudrasana  2. Matsyasana  3. Gupta Padmasana  4. Baddha Padmasana  5. Lolasana  6. Kukkutasana  7. Garbhasana  8. Tolangulasana 

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The Padmasana group of yoga poses help awaken the energy centres of the body and induce tranquillity.

Those who suffer from sciatica or weak or injured knees should not perform these asanas

Padmasana is also not advisable during pregnancy