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About the Yoga 2022 Internship

The internship position at World Yoga Forum is a work-from-home position. The intern is expected to work on a research project that focuses on various Yoga poses, details the poses, and scientific benefits of the poses. The intern is expected to submit a daily report on progress is required to review scientific research on Yoga and various Yoga poses and their health benefits and submit a weekly report, and a final report detailing all Yoga poses in the format shared by World Yoga Forum. The intern will be expected to do a research review of various Yoga poses and scientific research on Yoga. It should help the intern with a broader exposure to the science of Yoga.

The position is a paid position with a monthly stipend and can begin immediately. The duration of the internship is 8 weeks (extendable) and can be done while the student is studying. On completing the internship, the student will get a certificate of successful completion and a chance to work in the future with the World Yoga Forum.

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