Yoga when you are Overweight

Yoga when you are overweight. Tips on how to go about your Yoga practice when you are overweight.
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Yoga can at times feel like a struggle if you are plus-size or overweight. There’s an interesting question that came our way on doing Yoga while being overweight.

Has anyone had trouble with their practice being overweight? I have a difficult time keeping up with the Yoga sequence because I can’t change positions swiftly. It almost feels like my stomach getting in the way. While I’m working on losing weight, how does it get better?

If you also have struggled with something similar, there are a few tips you can use

1. Be steady and comfortable during Yoga

A lot of people while beginning Yoga experience something similar irrespective of weight. The body is generally not very flexible and it is difficult to swiftly change positions in Yoga. It’s important to do poses in a manner that feels steady and comfortable. No two bodies are similar. You need to ensure that the Yoga that you do is in tune with the needs of your body. Yoga poses have been defined as Sthira, Sukha, Asanas, which translate into steady comfortable poses. Ensure that the poses that you do are steady.

2. Be Regular

One thing that is key to a successful yoga practice is regularity. A discipline is required. A on and off Yoga practice will not help you. Ensure that you are doing it regularly. A recommended number is to do it at least 4 times a week with a 90-minute session each.

3. Diet

Diet has a major role to play in losing weight. If you are banking on Yoga alone to lose weight, you might fall short. You’ll need to consult a nutritionist to ensure that you maintain your energy levels, yet lose weight. Supplementing in with Yoga can help you simultaneously become more flexible and enhance your practice. I personally struggled with weight and tried an approach that focused on diet and continuously doing yoga and it worked for me.

4. Be Patient

Don’t expect results to come overnight. Be patient with your Yoga practice. Initially, it might feel painfully slow. However, you’ll start experiencing the positive effects of yoga within a few weeks of practice. You’ll need to have faith in the practice.

5. Don’t over-stretch or injure yourself

If you are overweight, you are putting a lot of pressure on the legs, knees, and ankles in your body. Make sure that you don’t over-stretch yourself to cause injury. An injury can push you back to where you began. Be mindful of your body.

6. Join a class that matches your pace

One of the main complaints of students practicing Yoga who are also overweight is that they are unable to match the pace with that of a class. It is essential to choose a class that keeps pace with what’s comfortable for you. There are many classes on Yoga that are meant for people who might be overweight. Check out Nourished Natasha on YouTube, and the underbelly.

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