Yoga vs. Gym – Which Leads to Better Quality of Life?

Yoga vs. Gym - Which is better? Does Yoga lead to better health over Gym or does Gym lead to better health over Yoga. We look at research and try to find the answer. Research shows Yoga to be a clear winners when looking at its impact on Quality of Life.

The Yoga vs. Gym debate has gone on for some time and in this post, we look at a specific outcome i.e. its effect on Quality of life.

An interesting question came our way – Does Yoga lead to a better quality of life, or do people who regularly go to the gym experience a better quality of life?

In this question, we are in no way discouraging people from going to the Gym. We simply intend to understand – Is there a difference in the quality of life among regular Yoga Practitioners and people who are regular to the Gym? If yes, what’s better.

We’ll look at a scientific study that was published in the International Journal of Health Sciences and Research that specifically looked at this difference. The research studies 70 yoga practitioners (male= 35, female= 35) and 62 (male=31, female=31) gym-goers selected randomly from the various gyms and yoga institutes.

Yoga vs. Gym – Quality of Life

Quality of life is the subjective experience of an individual which is evaluated by taking into account the positive and negative aspects in the dimensions of life including health, social support, achievements, personality traits, peace at micro and macro system such as family, community, national peace etc.

World Health Organisation (WHO) defines the quality of life as “an individual’s perception of his/her position in life in the context of culture and value system in which they live and in relation to their goals, expectations, standards and concerns”

In recent times, “Quality of Life” has become a vital notion in medicine where healthcare professionals place a higher weightage on the Quality of life. Quality of life is especially well-suited because it encompasses both objective and subjective aspects: the personal, subjective experience of an individual’s own life, as well as the more objective assessment of external factors that impact its quality.

Yoga vs. Gym – Yoga scores better

The study found a statistically significant difference between yoga performers and gym performers on quality of life. It revealed that yoga has a substantially higher positive effect on the quality of life of its practitioners.

The study concluded that Yoga if done properly and with the help of a trained instructor can benefit the person and enhance the
quality of life more than going to the gym. When it comes to enhancing the quality of life, in the Yoga vs. Gym debate, Yoga scores higher. If you are intending to improve your quality of life and are confused between Yoga vs. Gym, Yoga is a clear choice.

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