Simplest Yoga Secret that most people miss

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There isn’t something like a Yoga Secret. However, the current intense marketing of Yoga makes this fundamental truth of Yoga lost in the noise. There are many modern schools of Yoga, some of which claim to do wonders. The ancient science of Yoga with its modern adaptations has led to one simple truth of Yoga being lost in the noise.

The secret is so simple and fundamental that a lot of modern Yoga practices miss it.

This simple secret of Yoga asana (Yoga Poses) are the three words – sthira sukham asanam

The scriptures define Yoga asanas or Yoga poses with the words sthira sukham asanam, which defines the state where body and mind are steady and comfortable in a pose. Every asana or every pose should be steady and comfortable. This is not a Yoga Secret but one of the foundational principles of Yoga.

The asanas or yoga poses should be performed in long, comfortable, and steady holds, rather than in a vigorous, dynamic manner.

A lot YouTube videos of Yoga trainers on YouTube with picture-perfect bodies doing difficult poses (asanas) with ease tends to also propagate this misconception.

The Yoga we see in its modern form that consists of Yoga Poses (or Yoga asanas) and meditation (pranayama) is essentially Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga’s origins come from Hatha Yoga pradipika, which is a seminal ancient text that describes Yoga Asanas in great detail. The key feature of Yoga is that it should be stable (sthira), and comfortable (sukha).

If you are a beginner in Yoga or even a Yoga practitioner, it’s important to remember this simple truth (not a Yoga Secret) that your asanas/poses should be steady and comfortable.

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Asana – “sthira sukham asanam”

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  1. Asanas in Hatha yoga deliver two abstract objectives; one is to specify the posture of meditation in which a person can sit for a long time with ease and command. The better is the mastery for such posture; further deep one can go in inner meditation techniques. The second goal is to tone up for better health and energy of both body and mind. A pure body is mandatory for better flow of prana in Nadis. Although the real objective of Hatha yoga doess not just to master only postures, still such mastery automatically opens the doorway for further progress in hatha yoga. Not to mention that it strengthens the will power and concentration.

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