There is No Such Thing as NEW YEAR!

Swami Chinmayananda

When in the new year? Here’s an excerpt from Swami Chinmayananda’s lecture explaining when is new year’s day.

There is no such thing as New Year.

The moment I change is the new year. All attempts at spiritual life are to bring about consciously a change for the better in ourselves. And we have got the capacity to change. That day when you decide that the way I am living now is a wastage of my time, my energy, my vitalities. I have to live a more creative life whereby I create first of all my own greater happiness and sense of fulfillment and as a by-product I may create happiness for others.

So once when we take up to our mind or our decision choosing the word used by Upanishads, you must chose to gain the higher unfoldment in yourself. If you don’t chose lord will not interfere. He says let it be if you want to live the lower vulgar life.

But once you decide to live the higher life, honestly that becomes new years day.

Happy New Year!

Swami Chinmayananda on New year