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Ronaldo’s Mental Strength will give you Goosebumps

Cristiano Ronaldo Fitness and Motivation

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Ronaldo is the world’s most popular football players. He has over 500 million followers on Instagram and is also one of the most followed persons on Instagram. He is very well known for his fitness. His life, his training, and his fitness is an inspiration for many people. However, it’s his attitude and his mental strength that has made him one of the greatest footballers of all time.

In his mind Ronaldo has always been the best. He has never cared about what people are thinking. He has always believed that he is the best. He also says that he is the most competitive player and he trains accordingly. His dedication to his fitness, his game stands out.

Ronaldo’s Main Strength

Ronaldo’s main strength is his mind according to him. Most of us fail in maintaining the dedication, the fitness. According to him if you have a strong mind, you’ll be able to do what you want. To achieve global success and maintain it consistently for a long period requires a super strong mind, especially to have the dedication required to reach the pinnacle.

A strong mind makes all the difference. He says, “If you miss one work out session, and you miss another one the next day, in the end it’s going to make a huge difference“. It’s this mindset that makes him a star, a star who now has 500 Million plus followers on Instagram. To have this mindset for a long time, to stick to it in a sport that is extremely competitive is truly remarkable.

Talent is NOT Enough

Ronaldo emphasizes that talent is not enough. Record is a part of him. He does not follow the records but the records follow him. He just is dedicated to his sport, and the fitness required to be the best in the game.

Ronaldo is addicted to success

Ronaldo says there are time where he has a bad image on the pitch. But he is addicted to the success. He takes things very seriously. He says that if you are his friend, you live inside his house, and you know him closely, you will know that he hates to loose. He admits that he is addicted to success!!!

There are NO secrets

Ronaldo was once asked what are his secrets. He says there are NO secrets to success. The only secret is dedication and hardwork. This he claims is his secret – to be able to give 100% all the time.

When he was 12 years old he was told that “Ronaldo you are very talented by you are very skinny“. He then said to himself that “Ok it’s my body and I can improve“. He then focused on improving himself. He has played for the best clubs but he says that it has not come from the sky. He has been dedicated and has worked hard.

He says, “The level that I am, the best players can’t rest because they have to always be at the top of the game and you fight to be the best and be better than other great players like Neymar, Messi“.

Family above everything else

He was once told, “Cristiano, we have money, we have fame, but the most important thing is the family.”. One of the best things about Ronaldo is that he keeps his family over everything. he says he may have the fame, the money. the cars, but the family is more important.

His life, his mindset can really transform anyone’s life.

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