Ronaldo’s Reveals Retirement Plans – Explosive Piers Morgan Interview


Ronaldo’s interview with Piers Morgan has been all over the news with a lot of explosive revelations. One of the commenters on this interview said, “This man is a class act (and incredibly 😍) I have been following him from the beginning. I love to watch him on the pitch, but I love to watch him with his family even more. He knows what matters in life.” While some critique his arrogance, they still love his honesty. This was noted by another commenter who wrote, “I never liked his arrogant manner and never watched interviews with him. But now I have to say he is at least one who seems to be honest.

On being asked, whether he has more pounds in the bank than his Instagram followers, which at the time of writing this post were a whopping 497 Million, he replied “Probably similar“. To put things in perspective, he has over 20% of users globally on Instagram following him. One of the best things about him is not the bank balance, but the desire to be at the top, his drive to reach there and be there, and be a role model for millions of people across the world.

One of the most important things that have been a facet of his career has not just been his fitness but his resilience. One of the retirement plans on top of his mind has been to maintain longevity apart from improving his English. He said he wanted to advise people on how to live and help young people to put them in the right spot. He said he wanted to spend more time with young people, how to be a professional player, and above all – How to Win.

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He’s looking forward to winning the FIFA World Cup 2022 for his country in Qatar. He doubts Manchester United being on top of their game in the next few years. Despite the controversies, he remains an inspiration for a lot of people across the world when it comes to maintaining fitness.

A feature of his interview and his career has been the level of mental fitness, and resilience that is required in a sport as competitive as football. It was reflected in how he has conducted himself through good and tough times and the priorities he has in life. One of the things that came out in this interview and has been a feature is the priority he gives to his family. One of the secrets to good mental well-being is having a loving family. The great news for all the young fans of Ronaldo is that he intends to spend more time sharing his advice on resilience, longevity, and how to live life, perhaps even writing a book after retirement. However, based on the interview, the fans will have to wait for 2 more years.

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