Ronaldo First to Score At 5 World Cups – Learn His Crazy Fitness Routine

Ronaldo Fitness Record
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Ronaldo is a role model and his fitness is the stuff of legends. He has become the first male footballer to score at 5 world cups. He shared a picture on Instagram with the caption – First male footballer to score at 5 world cups. While he still has to learn English, and he intends to do so as a part of his retirement plans, he definitely has much to offer when it comes to working out and staying fit. We all know that he stays away from cola and even scolds his son for drinking it. If you also want to build a healthy and fit body, we bring to simple tips from the legends crazy fitness routine.

His fitness, his skill on the field have definitely helped him become the global star that he is. There would fewer other athletes on the planet that have reached the level of fitness where over favorite Ronaldo is at. The amazing part is that he’s consistently been there for a long time.

So is Ronaldo’s fitness and workout routine tough? Let’s explore more.

1. Start with Legs

His workout starts with legs. He does the lunges for about 20 reps and 5 laps.

2. Sideways movement

The sideways movement is great for the legs, and give you enough toning on the sides. It’s especially great if you are dealing with love handles.

3. Pushups

Sideways movement - Ronaldo workout routine.

Ronaldo’s fitness routine includes pushups. Pushups are a simple way to strengthen your chest and shoulders. It typically can be done anywhere. You don’t need a gym to do pushups and it can be done regularly at home. Even if you are a working professional, you can always find 10 mins of pushups.

4. Abs

Focusing on abs. There are many variations that can be done for abs. Ronaldo as part of the CR7 routine recommends simple exercises to help focus on the abs.

5. Glutes

One of the most neglected muscles by most gym goers are the glutes. Under developed glutes can cause problems in lower back, and can also cause problems in knees. This is essentially important if you sit for long hours. On the floor, you can push your legs backward and focus on your glutes as shown in the video by Ronaldo. The exercise recommended by Ronaldo is especially good for Gluteus Maximus.

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