Kate Hudson’s Super Healthy Diet is Just What You Need

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Kate Garry Hudson is an American actress and businesswoman, and mom of three. Kate likes to keep her exercises interesting by trying new things. The actress has loved Pilates since her first session at 19. Likewise, Hudson relies on a healthy diet to stay glowing, energetic, and toned in the 40s.

Kate is well-known for her fitness. She does not follow any particular exercise regimen. Instead, she likes to focus on workouts that make her happy and comfortable, like yoga. She feels the same way about diet and would rather have it her way if it contains lots of fruits and veggies.

Wake-up Regime & Morning Drink

According to Kate, the first thing she does when she wakes up is stare at the wall and think – “am I going to get up or am I going to get up 15 minutes from now? Or am I just going to go back to sleep?” And then She drinks water, & does not eat first thing in the morning. Then she consumes celery juice on an empty stomach. Celery juice is her joyous morning activity. 


Hudson usually eats one of two breakfasts. She would eat the following for breakfast on a typical day: two soft-boiled eggs with some sourdough and butter and avocado with olive oil and sea salt. However, she doesn’t like to have eggs daily. Or sometimes, she eats oatmeal with almond butter and banana with some blueberries, maple syrup, cinnamon, chia seeds, or walnuts. Her thought on walnuts with oatmeal is underrated & found really yummy.


Kate likes to eat a salad or get a smoothie lunch. For a smoothie, a protein-based drink- like the chocolatey type flavors, banana, almond butter, and chocolate.

For a salad, chopped salad like La La Scala, often with extra salami, no cheese, cucumbers, no tomatoes, basil, and extra dressing.


Kate stated, “I try not to be a big snacker, but I love a snack. So I, unfortunately, cannot stay away from chips and salsa. Like, whenever I’m like, I’m not fitting into my jeans. It’s usually because I’ve been on a big chip and salsa kick. And simple. Mills makes an amazing cheddar almond flour cheddar. It’s like cheese but healthy. That’s big enough.” 


Hudson’s favorite meal to make at home is a roast nutmeg chicken with white rice. & another favorite is a sweetcorn pasta – pancetta peas, corn, white wine, butter, olive oil, and cream. According to her, “it’s not the healthiest, but it’s really good.” Also, dinner with beverage mozzarella soup (chicken and dumplings- grandma’s recipe), made by her mom.

Pre-Dinner Cocktail/ Beverage

Sometimes, she consumes a pre-dinner cocktail Martini, Moscow Mule, Negroni, or Bombardier (bourbon and Campari). 

late night snack

She stated, “I really try not to have a late-night snack, but I do.” Her late-night snack is ice cream (oat milk ice creams), often nondairy.

Workout Routine

Hudson’s workout routine includes various exercises, and she tries to work out for at least 30 minutes most days. She enjoys alternating between gentler exercises, such as Pilates and yoga, and more active ones, such as TRX and boxing. In addition, she loves exercising to cleanse her thoughts. Kate says that it’s not enough to try to look good physically. It’s also important for my brain to get oxygen and for me to feel like my blood is really moving. I like skiing, walking, hiking, and riding my bike the most. It makes me feel like a kid again!”

Featured image source: instagram.com/katehudson/?hl=en

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