Jennifer Aniston stays in SHAPE by following this CRAZY ROUTINE

Jennifer Aniston Fitness Routine

TV legend Jennifer Aniston is now admired As much for her acting as she is for her incredible physique. She is committed to her health through a rigorous mix of exercise programs, nutrition and consistency. She exercises almost every day, at least 5 to 6 days a week. She does forty minutes of cardio, spinning, running, the elliptical, or combination of all three.

This is how Jennifer Aniston stays so fit and you could too:

1. Mixing up workouts

Jennifer Aniston mixes her workouts by doing Pilates one day a week, yoga in addition to that, three days a week. Keeping the body confused is the key so she would do spin yoga a day and do cardio and strength training just to change things up. Her personal trainer, Leyon Azubuike told that her workouts are very diverse. Boxing, jump rope, strength training, working with resistance bands are things she do to consistently challenge herself.

2. Boxing

She is a passionate yogi but recently also discovered boxing, the golden globe winner’s go to workout is Boxing, she said that it’s the longest workout she has stayed with except yoga. She finds the mental aspect of boxing the most interesting part, it is not just sitting on a bike. It provides with a mental release of everyday exhaustion. Her personal trainer, Leyon Azubuike says, ” It’s very interactive, and the best part is, it’s infinitely progressive. We can regress the workout as much as we need to accomodate anyone from a beginner to a Olympian. ”

3. Interval training

Jeniffer Aniston is game to try anything. Her fellow actress and friend Emily Blunt introduced her to Interval training. She thinks that muscle confusion and switching it up is important. Jeniffer says that its gets your emotions out, psyche cleaned and gets your body sweating, it checks all the boxes. Her persona trainer Leyon Azubuike uses what’s called “periodization” as he builds her workout in phases which can last weeks , months or longer and are tailored according to Anistons’s ever chanding schedule.

4. Endorphin rush

At times, when there is lack of motivation. She doesn’t do the same workout for long as it gets monotonus and you eventually stop doing it. Jeniffer Aniston says, “Mixing it up is always fun because that way, you know you’re excited, and it’s muscle confusion. It keeps your body awake.” You have to listen to your body when it needs rest and sometimes you just have to get on some machine for 10 minutes and it starts to get the endorphins going and you just keep going.

5. Weight training

Lifting body weight and dumbells help her keep her arms tones, even at times when she is travelling, she take eight pound weights with her and does arms exercises whenever she gets the time. She also loves movements like chest press with a resistance band.

5. Diet, fasting, cheating

Along with doing rigorous physical activity, she also follows a strict low carb, gluten free diet with lots of protein and vegetables. In addition to watching what she eats, she has become a firm believe in intermediate fasting, and sometimes she eats whatever she likes.

6. Self – care

She takes care of her body and mind through self care. For instance, Sunday is her cheat and spa day. She loves infrared saunas, which helps her with skin detoxification and cell rejuvenation. She also follows technology detox by putting her cellphone outside the bedroom as written by Arianna Huffington in ‘The sleep revolution’, which helps her get deep sleep.

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