Jennifer Aniston is Aging in Reverse – Learn How

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Jennifer Aniston was the global sweetheart. Her beauty, relatability, and her role as Rachel green in Friends gave her a place in millions of hearts around the world. Her body, skin however seem to get better as she grows older. Over time we know that she has enhanced her focus on fitness, diet, and routines including yoga. In this news story, we bring to you the things she followed, which has helped her not just stay in shape, and take care of her skin, but almost get better. As of writing this story, she is 53 years of age. However her skin and body is almost like a 25 year old. She has looked jaw droppingly fit and healthy for decades now. One of the great things about Jennifer Aniston is that she does not do any fancy fad diets, which some of the newer skinny celebrities are on. She follows a naturally balanced routine.

1. Works out Regularly

Jennifer Aniston works out an hour a day. She does it very religiously and take an off-day on weekends. She can at times work-out even 7 days a week. But, sometime it can be fewer days depending on her schedule. Even when you are planning your workout, do listen to your body and plan your workout routines accordingly. Be flexible especially if your body demands recovery from a period of intense workout.

2. Fruits & Vegetables

Jennifer Aniston eats a lot of fruits and vegetables. You’ll find this common among most fit celebrities. A diet rich in nutrition gives her the much needed vitamins and minerals to give her that extra glow on her skin. Minerals

3. Yoga

Jennifer Aniston has Yoga as a part of her workout routine. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Jennifer Aniston does 9 different cardio and yoga exercises. This includes sun salutation of 8 reps, reverse warrior pose of 8 reps, chair pose of 8 reps, one arm side plank, temple pose, tree pose.

4. Cardio

Jennifer Aniston on Tuesdays performs cardio. Cardio is recommended by most fit celebs and most athletes. Jennifer Aniston’s routine includes spinning (30 mins), running (30 mins), elliptical (30 mins). On Thursdays, her routine includes cardio and pilates. The American Heart Associations recommends that every adult should try to do 150 mins of moderate intensity aerobic activity a week.

5. Hydrated

Jennifer Aniston recommends staying hydrated always. She herself drinks a lot of water and tells everyone to ensure they are hydrated properly.

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