Jay Shetty’s Zen like Routine & Diet is Just What We All Need

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We all have at some point come across Jay Shetty’s podcast videos, and clips. He is the host of a popular podcast. He is famous for translating teachings into practical, actionable techniques to train your mind for calm and purpose every day. In this story, he share his secrets, including his routine, and his diet. He reveals the key to a happy and healthy life is establishing a routine and prioritizing what’s most important to you.

Jay Shetty shares his healthy living secrets: a tasty drink makes the day better and how our spirits and appetites are connected.

Gratitude starts the day

Jay ignores his phone in the morning. He used to wake up and grab his phone. He now attempts to think gratefully. He starts each day with a grateful thought.

Start with meditation

According to Jay, “I’m not a morning eater. The first thing I do is meditate.” Then, after meditating, he ate. Then, after working out, he ate.

Drinking tea became his mindful practice

Jay is a 100% tea drinker. When it was wet, cold, or raining outside, he liked to drink iced lemon ginger tea to feel warm and cozy. However, if the weather is good, he’ll take a jasmine green peach tea to start the day. Jay loves tea & stated— “I enjoy that drinking tea is mindful. I’m inhaling in the aroma and staring at the colors. As I taste, I’m calm. It helps me start the day mindfully.

Quest for the perfect breakfast

Jay discovered the ideal breakfast after a lengthy search: cheerio pudding with a shake made of bananas, almond milk, almond butter, cacao, and carrot to keep him energized until lunch. A breakfast with super-filling and super-nourishing to feel great.

Start prioritizing lunch

According to Jay, “Every day can look completely different. I might be recording meditations or podcasts. I’ve learned that eating regularly is crucial to me. I always schedule lunch so I can prioritize it.” From that time,  He eats a usual lunch with all of these things. His favorite dish is kung pao, a blend of rice, lentils, and sautéed kale to feel lighter for the remainder of the day.

Old Eating habit & Snack

Jay claims, “Therefore, I must be truthful. Considering my diet, I wasn’t this healthy when I met my wife. He ate snacks, including chips, fries, and chocolate bars. He had a chocolate cookie, bar, yogurt, and ice cream daily. I’m not kidding—my snacks look different.” He reveals that he eats monk fruit-sweetened cacao nibs (no refined sugar). He also likes walnuts, almonds, and cashews. He’ll carry nuts all day to stay energized.

Indian Meal for Dinner

Jay enjoys eating Indian food in the evening because it makes him feel like “I’m back at home” and like a child again. An Indian curry (chickpea, stew, or mixed veggie) with roti (Indian bread) and rice is his dinner.

No late-night snacks

He’s no longer permitted late-night snacks. But chocolate cereal was his favorite late-night snack. His midnight snack is any chocolate cereal with milk.

prefers to cheat on meals

He has two cheat meals every week. Cheat dinners like pizza, burgers, fries, and chocolate fudge cake. But, he says, “That’s the most crucial component of a cheat lunch to conclude with a chocolate fudge cake.”

Encouragement To Mindful Eating

He recommends attentive eating, something he learned in the monastery, where everyone was encouraged to chew their meal 16 to 32 times to make digestion simpler. Another way to eat mindfully is to say a small prayer or set a small goal before you start eating. According to him, It’s such a great way to establish that energy before you eat, whether it’s thanks to the people that created it, delivered it, or brought it there.

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