Doctor’s Advice to Loose Weight Fast – 9 Simple Tips

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We all want to loose the extra fat that we’ve added on. With a lot of fancy or fad diets being marketed out there, there is a lot of confusion on loosing weight in a healthy manner. Dr Eric Berg in one of his videos explains simple ways in which you can loose weight quickly. Dr Berg’s tips are very popular on the web. His scientific approach to explaining things especially on living a healthier life have many fans globally.

1. Don’t run on stored sugar

You are most likely running on the sugar in your body stored in the liver and your energy can be up & down. You need to get in to the fat adaptive more. If you depend only on sugar through refined sugar, carbohydrates, or energy drinks, then you are not in the fat adaptive mode. You need to run on the stored fat in the body to help you with the energy. Once you are in to the fat adaptive mode, you are in the zone where your body is using stored fat to generate energy.

2. Go longer without eating

If you are able to go longer without eating, you are mostly on the fat adaptive mode. In a fat adaptive mode, you can go longer without feeling hungry. If you are on a sugar or a carb rich diet, you may not be able to go long without eating. If your body is burning fat for getting energy, you’ll be able to last longer since energy you get by burning fat is almost 2x than when you burn sugar.

3. More endurance during exercise

In the fat adaptive mode, you’ll observe more endurance during your exercise. If you rely on energy drinks before your exercise, you are essentially burning carbs to generate energy for exercise. In the fat adaptive mode, you’ll burn fat, which will lead to super fast fat loss.

4. You will feel good

Fat adaptive mode also helps regulate mood. According to Dr. Berg, it has a positive effect on the mood. You’ll feel much better as compared to the non fat adaptive mode.

5. No more cravings

Cravings after a while in the fat adaptive mode disappear. If you lower your carb intake, and start utilizing fat for getting energy, you won’t have much cravings. Cravings are terrible in any scenario when you are trying to loose weight.

6. Sleep enhances

Sleep is very important when you are trying to loose weight. A good sleep enhances rest and recovery. Dr Berg suggests that you actually loose weight while you are recovering. He has recommended a few folks who were doing exercise 3 days a week and unable to loose weight to lower their frequency to once a week. This accelerated their weight loss. In the fat adaptive mode, since you are using less insulin, it enhances sleep.

7. Physical Activity – High Intensity Interval Training

High intensity exercise is super useful in loosing weight quickly. It helps build muscle, increase metabolism. A very good high intensity interval exercise is sprinting. This helps quickly grow the human growth hormone. Actual benefits come when you recover. Don’t over train.

8. Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 is super essential. It helps regulate circadian rhythm, and enhances sleep. Vitamin D3 plays a massive role in regulating sleep and maintaining circadian rhythm. If you are not getting enough sun shine, don’t hesitate in getting Vitamin D3 supplements. A fully grown adult needs 2000 IUs a day.

9. Nutritional Rich Diet

Nutrition rich diet, also rich in essential fats is very good. Essential fats are very good. Dr Berg notes that most European are rich in essential nutrients and fat. This is good for nourishing the mind and the body especially omega3 fats.

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