Conor McGregor Shares 5 Secrets to Building Confidence

Conor McGregor Inspiration

Conor McGregor has inspired many people around the world with his remarkable rise early in his career and the style in which he won his boxing rounds. The UFC champions has a unique way of destroying his opponents including predicting how he would go about a particular match in an almost prophetic way. In this story, we bring to you the secrets of his confidence.

1. Preparation

Conor Mcgregor was asked where his confidence comes from especially when it came to talking about defeating his opponents. He said his confidence cams from his preparation, work-ethic, work in the gym. He also keeps a check on what others are doing especially his competition and he once remarked – they don’t work hard like me, they don’t want what I want.

2. Assessing the competition

This brings us to Conor Mcgregor’s second secret on building confidence – which is a clear assessment of competition. He once remarked – they don’t move like I move, they don’t think like I think, they don’t speak like I speak. You might still be wondering how this all happened when a person from nowhere came and became a champion.

3. Focus on what’s in your control

Conor McGregor focuses on what’s in his control. He says, “there is no opponent. There is no one out there. you are against your self“. Most successful people focus on what’s in their control.

4. Visualization

He says, “all that matters is how you see yourself. if you see yourself as the king with all the belts, as long as you see it, all the belts, it’s gonna happen. I saw myself in that light, I saw myself as the number 1, as the champion even before anyone did and that’s helped me“.

5. Practice

All the visualization, positive self-talk is backed by practice. The practice and relevant experience, visualization, building of skills has given him victories, which has further fueled his confidence.

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