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  • What Should You Think While Meditating?

    What Should You Think While Meditating?

    A reader of the World Yoga Forum asked us this question – “What exactly are you supposed to think when you try meditation?“. This question can exist for a lot of beginners. The mind is difficult to control and when you sit for meditation, it’s possible there are a hundred thousand thoughts that can come […]

  • Stop Overthinking with this One Simple Thing

    Overthinking is a continuous loop of unproductive thoughts. It can also be considered as an excessive amount of thoughts that are unnecessary. Overthinking has also been associated with anxiety1. According to the Berkley Well-Being Institute, when you are overthinking, you are likely trying to solve a problem in your life2. According to research, overthinking about […]

  • 3 Simple Breathing Exercises To Calm Your Mind For Beginners in Yoga

    One of the key things for beginners is to get regular with a Yoga practice. As a beginner, I struggled to be consistent with my Yoga practice. One of the things that helped me stay regular is taking a few steps, a few asanas at a time. We all tend to have busy schedules and […]