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  • Yoga for Relieving Neck Pain from Mobile Screen Use

    Yoga for Relieving Neck Pain from Mobile Screen Use

    With the increasing usage of mobile devices, neck pain has become a common complaint among individuals. The prolonged use of mobile screens often leads to a condition known as “text neck,” which is characterized by neck pain and discomfort. In this chapter, we will discuss how the yoga pose “Greeva Sanchalana” can help alleviate neck […]

  • 5 Daily Yoga Practices For Better Mental Health in 2023

    Key Points Mental health crisis on the rise The importance of sound mental health is now increasingly becoming a part of the popular narrative. Google search trends will reveal a steady rise in searches for Mental health over the last 5 years. There’s almost an 87% growth in searches around mental health on Google in […]

  • 15 Minute Daily Yoga Beginner Sequence for Better Health

    Yoga is a great way to boost your health. Regular practice of Yoga can help improve your physical and mental health. In a busy schedule it can at times be difficult to take time out for a longer daily Yoga practice. In this post, we bring to you a yoga sequence that can be done […]

  • 5 Must Do Yoga Poses if you Sit for Long Hours

    If your job requires you to sit for long hours perhaps in front of a computer, it can lead to many issues including poor blood circulation, pain in the back, and poor posture. According to research, total sitting time is associated with a higher risk for cardiometabolic disease and mortality. There are multiple approaches that […]

  • Pranayama in the Bhagavad Gita

    The Bhagavad Gita in the fourth chapter has beautifully indicated pranayama as a method to reach the goal of realization of the self. The 29th verse of the fourth chapter mentions अपाने जुह्वति प्राणं प्राणेऽपानं तथापरे |प्राणापानगती रुद्ध्वा प्राणायामपरायणा: || Bhagavad Gita Chapter 4 verse 29 apāne juhvati prāṇaṁ prāṇe ’pānaṁ tathāpareprāṇāpāna-gatī ruddhvā prāṇāyāma-parāyaṇāḥ Bhagavad […]

  • What Should You Think While Meditating?

    A reader of the World Yoga Forum asked us this question – “What exactly are you supposed to think when you try meditation?“. This question can exist for a lot of beginners. The mind is difficult to control and when you sit for meditation, it’s possible there are a hundred thousand thoughts that can come […]

  • Sitting Long Hours? Try this Yoga Pose for improved blood circulation in legs

    Too much sitting has been described as a health hazard. There are a number of health concerns linked with sitting long hours. too much sitting (also known as sedentary behavior – which involves very low energy expenditure, such as television viewing and desk-bound work) is adversely associated with health outcomes, including cardio-metabolic risk biomarkers, type […]

  • Stop Overthinking with this One Simple Thing

    Overthinking is a continuous loop of unproductive thoughts. It can also be considered as an excessive amount of thoughts that are unnecessary. Overthinking has also been associated with anxiety1. According to the Berkley Well-Being Institute, when you are overthinking, you are likely trying to solve a problem in your life2. According to research, overthinking about […]

  • 3 Simple Yoga Poses For Your Ankles

    In this post we bring to you 3 simple Yoga poses for your ankles. Your ankles are one of the key weight-bearing parts of your body. The following 3 extremely simple yoga poses can help you with your ankles. They can be done by beginners. Sitting Position while doing these poses The following is the […]

  • 3 Simple Breathing Exercises To Calm Your Mind For Beginners in Yoga

    One of the key things for beginners is to get regular with a Yoga practice. As a beginner, I struggled to be consistent with my Yoga practice. One of the things that helped me stay regular is taking a few steps, a few asanas at a time. We all tend to have busy schedules and […]