• Concentration: Its Practice – Swami Vivekananda

    Concentration: Its Practice – Swami Vivekananda

    The practice of concentration is the second part in Swami Vivekananda’s Raja Yoga and a continuation of the first part, which describes the spiritual uses of concentration. The first part has the first 51 sutras of Patanjali where the uses of concentration have been described. The second part discussed below has the next 55 sutras […]

  • Pratyahara Basics – Withdrawal of Senses by Swami Vivekananda

    You know how perceptions come. First of all there are the external instruments, then the internal organs acting in the body through the brain centres, and there is the mind. When these come together and attach themselves to some external object, then we perceive it. At the same time it is a very difficult thing […]