15 Minute Daily Yoga Beginner Sequence for Better Health

15 yoga sequence for beginners
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Yoga is a great way to boost your health. Regular practice of Yoga can help improve your physical and mental health. In a busy schedule it can at times be difficult to take time out for a longer daily Yoga practice. In this post, we bring to you a yoga sequence that can be done in 15 minutes.

Goal – Better Health and General Well Being


Perfect full body stretch and breathing preparation for a great start to your day

Benefits of the sequence

  1. Remove stiffness in the body that can come from long working hours, longer drive time.
  2. It’ll help you feel rejuvenated through breathing exercises
  3. Help increase stamina
  4. Improve blood flow in your body
  5. Help address issues such as back pain, pain in legs that can come through improper posture

Who Should Do it?

Anyone can do it. If you have any chronic illness, consult a doctor. Ideal for working professionals, business owners and people who are generally caught up and have less time. It can also be done when you are travelling and have less time.


  1. Wear loose clothing
  2. Do it in an open environment preferably like a terrace, lawn
  3. If you are indoors, do this in a place where there is ample sunlight
  4. Have a Yoga Mat will be helpful

Yoga Sequence Summary

  • Number of Poses: 6
  • Time: 15 Minutes
S NoPoseDuration (Seconds)RepetitionLink to the pose (with video)
1Tadasana155Tadasana – Palm Tree Pose In Yoga
2Tiryaka Tadasana156Tiryaka Tadasana – Swaying Palm Tree Pose In Yoga
3Kati Chakrasana156Kati Chakrasana – Waist Rotating Pose In Yoga
4Trikonasana206Trikonasana – Triangle Pose In Yoga
5Marjariasana206Marjariasana – Cat Stretch Pose In Yoga
6Shashank Bhujangasana306Shashank Bhujangasana – Striking Cobra Pose In Yoga
7Bhadrasana601Bhadrasana – Gracious Pose
8Janu Sirshasana303Janu Sirshasana – Head To Knee Pose In Yoga
9Abdominal Breathing751Abdominal Breathing

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